William Woodall

This is where I try to keep track of my projects I have worked on, my github page is probably more up-to-date on average.

ROS 2.0

I am a core developer for the ROS 2.0 effort:




I am a core developer of the Robot Operating System:



Segway RMP Library

I created a library (and ROS nodes) for interfacing with Segway Robotic Mobile Platforms (RMP’s):


Serial Library

I created a Serial (RS-232) library for C++ that is portable and light weight:


Masters Research (2011-2012)

ATRV Platform

  • Platform (Segway RMP200 ATV)
  • Research Goal: 3D Reconstruction for Teleoperation
  • Video: Data Collection Run
  • Sensors:
  • Microsoft Kinect
  • Sick LMS 151

Army Corp. AUXOS (2010-2012)

Autonomous RangerEV

Autonomous UneXploded Ordinance Surveillance System

  • Vehicles
  • Segway RMP400
  • Polaris EV

Path Planner

Autonomous Lawnmower (2009-2012)

Automow 2012

Note: http://robomow.ion.org/ is now defunct.

Automow 2011

Automow 2010

Lunar Excavator (2010)

Lunar Excavator

IEEE Southeastern Conference Student Hardware Competition 2009 (2008-2009)

IEEE Recycling Robot

Note http://hardware.gt-ieee.org/southeastcon2009/hardware-competition is now defunct.