serial  1.1.0
Cross-platform, serial port library written in C++
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Serial Library
William Woodall, John Harrison

What is serial?

Serial is a cross-platform, simple to use library for using serial ports on computers. This library provides a C++, object oriented interface for interacting with RS-232 like devices on Linux and Windows.

Want to use it with ROS(Robot Operating System)? No problem, it compiles as a unary stack.

Getting Started

Ready to jump in?





Once you have gathered the dependencies, you need to checkout the software from

    git clone git://

Once you have checked out the source code from you can enter the directory and build the software.

    cd serial
    make test # (optional) builds the example and tests, and runs the tests.
    make doc  # (optional) builds _this_ documentation.


To install simply:

    sudo make install

To uninstall simply:

    sudo make uninstall