William Woodall

MORSE Progress Report

01 Aug 2011

I have been working on getting MORSE to a point that I can use it to develop some simple obstacle detection and avoidance algorithms.  The vehicle I am trying to emulate is a Polaris EV with an automation package on it from Kairos Autonomi.  The vehicle pulls a fiberglass trailer with Electromagnetic sensors on it which are used to find and discriminate UXO (unexploded ordinance) for the US ARMY Corp of Engineers.  In this video I am using ROS to issue commands to the simulated vehicle (due to decent ROS support in MORSE atm), but on the real system our team has a monolithic stand-alone app with plans for moving to JAUS.  Here are some screen shots and a short YouTube video.  Here is a video of the actual vehicle (I'm not in that video).

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